On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 08:29:20AM -0500, Dean E. wrote:
> That's BS.  I PAY for my bandwidth, so i can do what I please with the
> bandwidth I bought. (as long as it's not for-resale/profit)  Then I'd need a
> business line.
> How is it "theft" if you are giving it away to people, and it's not the
> companies to claim!  You bought it from them.

I would agree with you on both points.  Obviously, the cable companies simply
want to make more money and will find any way they can to do it.  I think the
"crack down" is quite nearsighted.  If you want to regulate the bandwidth a
customer uses, charge by the megabit.  Those customers who wish to pay more can
do so, and do whatever they wish with the bandwidth they purchase.

The current model is a flat rate per month with an acceptable use agreement they
felt should cover them for "unearned income".  If the legal speak of the
agreement doesn't cover giving your bandwidth away, then the ten who were
"cracked down" upon would have the right to sue and recover damages from having
their service shut down.

Anyway...  Anyone up in the Midway (St Paul) area wish to set up a WiFi?

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