I have a contact down in Dallas who is selling 1000 foot spools of
LMR-400 coax for $320 with shipping. This is about $80 under distributor
cost. About 2 months ago I paid $.72 a foot for some of it. 

If we're going to be putting any kind of network together we're going 
to need a fair amount of it and I was wondering what people thought of 
the group buying one or more spools of it. 

Or since most people don't need an entire 1000 foot spool, several 
people could get together and split a spool. I've got a spool coming but
it'll get used up pretty quickly for some friends and my Ham Radio

I can get good RF Engineering N connectors with gold center pins for 
$4-5 each from a local distributor and I've got the correct crimper for 

I can forward the message I received about it to people individually or 
to the list if people want. 

Bryan Halvorson
bryan at edgar.sector14.net